BY HOLDİNG A.Ş, with its corporate structure, has won the trust of local and foreign markets with leading brands, experience and knowledge in various fields, investments in the research and development of high-tech industries and production facilities. BY HOLDİNG continues to act as a large family together with employees, customers and partners on the decision of the companies TES Water Group, Duhatech Machinery Technologies, BY Construction and BY Energy, which he gathered under his roof.

Our companies, which believe that the premise of developing world-class and good projects is to monitor changing market trends, attach great importance to market research and field research. Our organizations complete this process with engineering and project tools, accurate planning and effective project management.

In an effort to make their corporate identity sustainable without compromising quality, BY HOLDİNG A.Ş. , with its activities, seeks to create national and international brands, create its own unique technologies and share its skills with the world, which will make a big difference in this sector.