Human Resources

Our Human Resources Policy

As BY HOLDING, we believe that we can carry our companies to the future only with our employees, so we are willing to raise qualified and principled individuals by acting on the basis of individual development planning.

We believe in the importance of all our employees to feel themselves as an important member of a large family, and continue to develop working environments that allow all members of this family to create opportunities to improve their achievements.

We are aware of fact that keeping their commitment to their companies in the forefront by following a trust-based and equal management policy for our employees is the basic criterion for maintaining the brain power we have.

We monitor the personal development of all our new employees through methods such as performance evaluation and Career Development Plan so that we aim to increase the values which we can add to each other.

From this perspective, it is the basis of our human resources policy to establish human resources systems by creating a successful and dynamic corporate culture in our holding companies and to maintain a peaceful and motivated working environment as a result.

If you would like to become a member of the BY Holding® family, you can find it on the job by filling out the application form below or by reviewing our job postings on the air.

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