BY Invest


Stakeholdership, Cooperation, Diversity

Financial Investments provide a diversity and partnership for BY Holding.

Our main activities are water and wastewater treatment plants, energy, construction, machinery Technologies, petroleum & Gas, agriculture, maritime, investment, informatics, mining, tourism and health sectors BY Holding investments.


Our Investment Principles

We are a managed value investor focused on core business ethics principles and stakeholders.

By adopting the idea of long-term investment, BY Holding, we aim to give place in our investments to all the jobs that will improve our horizons.

Together with all our stakeholders, we continue to be on our way with the confidence of the growth and value of them.

We are developing a variety of solutions and opportunities for them, taking into consideration the situations that may arise in the future. It is our main principle to advance all positive and negative developments and processes by knowing our lessons to ourselves.


We always keep our relationship with our stakeholders safe from past and present, establish long-term relationships, and we know our duty to be careful in choosing the right team. An understandable and well defined strategy that is successfully used in a few loops consists of:

  • Basic and deep-rooted investment approach,
  • An independent mind,
  • A long-term investment horizon,
  • A concentrated portfolio